Tandem Communities

A bold new approach to senior care

We are on a mission to keep seniors in their homes, as they deserve to be. Tandem Communities combines the best of traditional home-care with the peace of mind and flexibility of Assisted Living at a fraction of the cost. Our modern aging solution is a combination of human caregivers and technology that empowers seniors to live independently in their homes, while enabling loved ones to rest assured that they are taken care of.

Together we’re igniting a movement for a new kind of living for seniors. Join us and learn more about how we’re improving the future of aging.

Our Community

How it Works


We promote active, independent aging by embedding a team of care professionals in your neighborhood to provide short, frequent visits throughout the week.

Health Detection

We detect important health signals through insights gathered from passive monitoring along with inputs from caregivers after each visit.

Our Tools

We power our solution through a suite of sophisticated tools that enables a complete view of the care needs of each of our members over time.

Pricing Transparency

We keep pricing transparent by bundling all our services into monthly memberships that can be adjusted over time as care needs change.

Meet Your Community Care Team

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Our Care Partners