About Us

Tandem Careplanning was founded with the mission to elevate the in-home care experience for both care seekers and caregivers. As a leading home care agency serving seniors for the last five years, we’ve listened to and learned from our clients and caregivers.

Tandem Communities is Tandem Careplanning’s bold vision for the future of senior living and home care.

We empower seniors to live their best lives by creating a care and living experience that is affordable, comprehensive and customized to their needs and preferences.

At the heart of any high-quality care experience are the caregivers themselves. Our Care Teams are hired as full-time employees with consistent schedules, higher pay and generous employee benefits, significantly increasing the quality of care to our clients.

Your Care Team


We CARE for each other,
for our communities,
for our members and their
loved ones.


We CONNECT people and
technology to detect and
act upon important
health signals.


We HONOR our commitments
to provide the home care
people want at a price
they can afford.


We EMPOWER our teams,
our clients, their loved ones
and the industry at large
through our unique offering.

Our Founders

A Note from the Founders

“Like so many others, we faced the challenges of finding care for our aging loved ones. We set out to build a better and far more affordable solution that brings together the services of providing in-home care with the flexibility and peace of mind found in Assisted Living.”

Lisa & Joshua Greer

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